SRT, or Special Response Team, is an elite group of highly trained law enforcement officials. They specialize in quick response…

  • VICE

    The VICE unit is a special undercover unit that deals in busting drug rings and organized crime. They are allowed…

  • ESU

    ESU, or Emergency Services Unit, is the emergency response unit of Takistan. ESU is responsible for paramedic calls, impounding broken…

  • PMC

    PMC, or Private Military Company, is a contract based security enforcement group. They can be contracted by civilians, police, terrorists,…

  • NEWS

    The Takistani News Network is the premiere source of news in the middle east. Equipped with SUVs and Helicopters, TNN…


    The Takistani Stock Market is a quick way to make some money in the middle east. Invest wisely, because stocks…

What is Rise Gaming?

A little bit of history..

Rise Gaming was founded in early September 2013 by 4 directors. Chris, Jim, Patrick, and Valgarr. We were brought together out of the ashes of a dying Takistan Life community with one goal in mind.. To succeed where other communities have failed. To have content filled with visions of our own. To provide quality staff-player interactions. To be the overall best that we could be.

How have we been so successful? What makes Rise Gaming so great? The answer is simple. You, the one currently reading this. It's people like you that make us such a force to be reckoned with inside the Arma Universe.

Rise Gaming today..

Fast forward to today. At the time that I am currently writing this, our Takistan Life server is ranked number one of all current Takistan Life servers. Staff members have come and gone. Chris is no longer with us as a director, however, we have acquired a personal friend of ours, Dezric, as his replacement. We have a thriving community over over a hundred members and over two thousand registered users on our forums.

Today, November 7th, 2015, we debuted our new website and forum software with a focus on performance and functionality. We have upgraded our webserver to allow much faster loading of our website, rules page, and forums.

Thank You..

I'd like to give a personal thanks to some good friends we have made a long the way who without them, much of this couldn't be possible. Chris, Amnesia, Sanchez, Desolate, Beef, and Lando's cat, AKA Team Ebola, for your time spent serving the community from the beginning when the majority of the player base was simply us. Back when we were excited to have 16 players online at 3 a.m. Also, Rezlind and Ignace, for hours upon hours of slaving over code bringing our server to be what it ultimately is. And to the countless people that have served as Teamspeak Helpers, Moderators, Administrators, and Senior Administrators over the last year, thank you guys.

Join us on Teamspeak